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About BizStudio Site Manager
BizStudio is designed with the average Internet user in mind. Our goal is to provide any organization with the ability to easily publish a high quality interactive web site. Our online tools enable anyone with a web browser to control their Internet presence.

Complete Solution
We have included everything needed to create a successful web presence. With a web browser and an Internet connection you are ready to get started. Each site includes web hosting, an easy to use online site editor, interactive components, web site marketing, and visitor management tools.

Fast and Easy
Using BizStudio, building a professional quality website takes about 15 minutes. Follow the step by step instructions, fill in the blanks, and upload your logo--it's that simple.

About EZOT, Inc.
EZOT, Inc. was founded in 1998 with one simple goal in mind: To empower the average business to easily and affordably take advantage of the latest and most powerful Internet technologies. EZOT has conveniently packaged these technologies into our browser based site management platform called BizStudio Site Manager.


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